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The mental toolbox: what’s a “transnational advocacy network”?

Question 4a. Please use the following phrase in a sentence: transnational advocacy network. Answer 1 Yesterday, I took my swimsuit with me to work, and stopped for a dip in the transnational advocacy network on the way home. Answer 2 At first I thought he was really sweet, but when he kissed me I could … Continue reading

Code is law, you say? Sudo drop my parking fine!

Sure, it may be true that code is law in cyberspace, but off-line politics still matter. You say you agree?  Shush! Don’t interrupt me when I’m ranting.  Let’s set up a straw man argument and knock it down like a school yard bully.  What’s all this violence in aid of?  The hurly-burly will scare the … Continue reading

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