Ambjörn Elder

I'm a social scientist in embryo, a permanently resting actor, a half-hearted cosmopolitan, and now a blogger. More concretely, I'm a candidate for a masters in international affairs at the American University of Paris currently looking for work that involves advocacy or negotiation, or somehow concerns technology or intellectual property issues, especially on the internet.
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Get the down and low before I stand up to be counted at FOSDEM

“Sensational!” raves the Guardian newspaper, “a revelation, not to be missed” gushes the Hindustan Times (or they certainly would if they knew it was happening). Saturday February 4th, (that’s tomorrow as I write these words) this blog will be playing to a packed house at FOSDEM. Tickets will be hard to come by so make … Continue reading

An Announcement!

Do you have plans for the weekend of the 4th and 5th of February? If not, you should come spend the weekend in Brussels at FOSDEM 2012. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a great big, awesome FOSS conference. And also because your intrepid blogger will be speaking there, presenting his research on the advocacy strategies … Continue reading

Down from off the mountaintop bearing pages

If you visited the Netizen of the World blog some time in the past three months looking for insight about the internet and its dreamers, you would have clicked away disappointed. Your mercurial blogger took an unannounced hiatus after only a few entries. But he… er, I mean me — I’m the blogger and I’m … Continue reading

The mental toolbox: what’s a “transnational advocacy network”?

Question 4a. Please use the following phrase in a sentence: transnational advocacy network. Answer 1 Yesterday, I took my swimsuit with me to work, and stopped for a dip in the transnational advocacy network on the way home. Answer 2 At first I thought he was really sweet, but when he kissed me I could … Continue reading

Code is law, you say? Sudo drop my parking fine!

Sure, it may be true that code is law in cyberspace, but off-line politics still matter. You say you agree?  Shush! Don’t interrupt me when I’m ranting.  Let’s set up a straw man argument and knock it down like a school yard bully.  What’s all this violence in aid of?  The hurly-burly will scare the … Continue reading

Oggcamp 2011: winning and losing internet freedoms through real politics

The Netizen of the World blog does live shows!  OggCamp 2011 gave me the opportunity for the first time to put my ideas before an audience of geeks.  This is the beta version of my talk about practical politics for a free internet.  There’s no doubt I have some bugs to quash before I give … Continue reading

Stepping up to the mic…

Geeks, hackers, netizens, lend me your eyeballs for a while. I have something to say about freedom, software, and how sausages are made, by which I mean The Law. Otto von Bismarck never said, “laws are like sausages: you want to know as little as possible about how they are made,” but if he had, … Continue reading

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