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If you visited the Netizen of the World blog some time in the past three months looking for insight about the internet and its dreamers, you would have clicked away disappointed. Your mercurial blogger took an unannounced hiatus after only a few entries. But he… er, I mean me — I’m the blogger and I’m back now and I return with news.

The argument of the previous post has expanded ten-fold into essay form and found itself a modest publisher. Cosmopolite publishes papers by students at the American University of Paris, and now me too, in an issue dedicated to international politics.

My paper “How Geeks Do Politics: The Transnational Advocacy Network Emerging from The Free And Open Source Software Movement” goes much further than I’ve gone before toward explaining for a non-specialist academic audience how the mental frame of a transnational advocacy network makes thinking about the politics of geeks and FOSS easier. I say the paper’s aimed at the non-specialist academic because it takes care to introduce readers to the idea of FOSS and to the specific political science framework I’m using. The perspective I expound picks out the details of the FOSS community which help to understand it as a political entity.

The journal itself has not yet come online, but you can read the paper right now. Don’t hesitate an instant, download it now and expand your mind!

And stay tuned. The netizen of the world is back in the saddle. I’ve conducted some fascinating interviews in the past months, and read a great deal about the policy process and about social movement theory. I also hope to have more, exciting news for you soon about where you can catch the netizen in a rare live appearance.

How Geeks Do Politics: The Transnational Advocacy Network Emerging From the Free and Open Source Software Movement by Ambjörn Elder is licensed under aCreative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at netizenoftheworld.wordpress.com.


About Ambjörn Elder

I'm a social scientist in embryo, a permanently resting actor, a half-hearted cosmopolitan, and now a blogger. More concretely, I'm a candidate for a masters in international affairs at the American University of Paris currently looking for work that involves advocacy or negotiation, or somehow concerns technology or intellectual property issues, especially on the internet.


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